Japanese Language Lessons in London
Temple building near Matsue, Japan

Personal Lessons

Testimonial from a current student

I studied Japanese at university and was a bit rusty when I started with Noriyuki 2 years ago. He assessed my level at the first lesson and started me just where I left off.

From the moment I started taking classes from Noriyuki, I knew I'd found the right Japanese teacher. Teaching Japanese is Noriyuki's full-time profession, not a side job, and it shows. His approach is the perfect combination of being structured yet flexible - structured because he's very organized and thinks through what each lesson should focus on, but flexible because he tailors the lesson to each student's individual needs. He achieves this because he has a wealth of teaching materials, whether it's a mid-level textbook, a listening CD, or anything else. (I think he knows every book that's ever been written about learning Japanese!) Need practice with conversation? Noriyuki knows the right book and listening materials to use. Need help with a particular grammar pattern? Noriyuki can pull out plenty of examples and review them with you. On top of that, he's in tune with all of the Japanese cultural events in London (including a bit of sake tasting), which only makes the lessons more fun.

If you're looking to learn, improve or maintain your Japanese, you simply won't find a better teacher than Noriyuki.

Private One to One Lessons

Around half of the students which I teach in this manner are complete beginners whilst the other half have previous experience of learning in a formal classroom situation but did not continue as either they found the course unsuitable or that the timings were inconvenient for them. By arranging to be taught in your home or in your workplace, you can fit your learning into your life as opposed to arranging your life to suit your learning.

Group lessons

Learning in a group can have some advantages as you will be able to practice with your co-students - helping and learning from others can stimulate your learning and make it more interesting. Either you can form your own small group e.g. with friends or partners or I may be teaching other students of similar levels which would be interested in joining you. There are naturally cost advantages to be considered as well.